LFI Lights - Exit Sign - Photoluminescent Aluminum Base - Green

LFI Lights - Exit Sign - Photoluminescent Aluminum Base - Green

Code: PA2-G


Product Description

UL Listed. It will provide 90 minutes of illumination to a distance of 50 feet. No electricity, wiring, nor batteries are required. Produced on .040" aluminum substrate.

Full product specifications, including Warranty, Construction, Illumination, Photometrics and Installation available in our downloadable PDF Spec Sheet accessed though the PDF icon below product pricing.

Product Features

  • No electricity, no batteries required
  • Field installable arrow configuration
  • 50 foot viewing distance
  • 90 minutes of illumination
  • Requires 54 LUX (5-ft candles) of fluorescent, metal halide or mercury vapor light to charge material for 60 minutes
  • Explosion proof, weatherproof
  • Produced on durable .040" aluminum substrate
  • Indoor installation only
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight
  • Meets NFPA Life Safety Code 101 & UL924
  • No future hazmat disposal needed
  • Optional frame available