Photocell - Button, Pencil or Swivel

Photocell - Button, Pencil or Swivel



Product Description

Light-sensitive switch turns off luminaires when ambient light is present, and turns them off when ambient light is absent. Ideal for use with outdoor luminaires requiring photoelectric automation. Rain-tight for outdoor use. Time delay prevents unintended switching from flashes like headlights, lightning and other transitory lighting sources.

Product Features

  • Switches light sources including LED, incandescent, HID and fluorescent.
  • Heavy-duty, rain-proof, polycarbonate housing and lens.
  • Photocell is 1/2" diameter CdS (cadmium-sulfide).
  • Available in 120 or 277 AC voltage (both 50-60Hz).
  • Single pole, single throw switch, normally open.
  • Power consumption: 1.5VA maximum.
  • Switches light source on when ambient lighting levels decrease to 1-2 foot-candles.
  • Switches light source off when ambient lighting levels increase to 3-6 foot-candles.