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Service | Haz-Mat Disposal of Expired Self Luminous Exit Signs [TRITIUM-RECYCLE]

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*Note: The discounted rate on the 1 for 1 replacement is only valid if the replacement signs are on the same order.

Is it neccesary to recycle Tritium Exit Signs?

Tritium Exit Signs eventually lose their brightness and need to be replaced. Due to the radioactive nature of Tritium Exit Signs, there are regulations from the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commision (NRC) on the disposal of expired Tritium Exit Signs. Tritium Exit Signs must NOT be disposed of as normal trash. The Exit Light Co. makes it easy for you to dispose of your expired or damaged* Tritium signs.

*Please note: signs that are considered damaged by the RGA terms form incur an additional fee.

Steps to dispose expired or damaged Tritium Self Luminous Exit Signs

  • Step 1) Purchase the number of signs to dispose. Please note, double sided signs (Tritium Signs that have both front and back EXIT lettering) are considered two individual signs.
  • Step 2) We will send you required paperwork and Packaging Instructions. Please complete and return the paperwork to us via email.
  • Step 3) We will generate an RGA number which you will need to include with the return shipping.
  • Step 4) Prepare, Package and Ship your Tritium Sign(s) according to the included instructions.