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Marker | Photoluminescent | 3" Arrow Non-slip [PANS3]

Designed for floor applications. Photoluminescent tape absorbs and stores energy from a light source. In the event of an emergency involving blackout or smoke-laden conditions, this tape is immediately visible, providing a safe, illuminated evacuation path.
Conforms to most irregular surfaces, and will adhere to painted wood, metal, sealed concrete and most nonporous materials. Existing tape must be removed first, using a heat gun to warm the existing material and then get an edge started or use scraper. Any residual adhesive can be removed with a commercial solvent adhesive remover.

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    ADA Compliant
    This product is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
    This unit uses long lasting, electricity free Photoluminescent Lighting (Glow in the Dark) Technology.
    Made in the USA
    This unit is made in the United States.


    • No electricity, no batteries
    • Thin gauge polyester film
    • Peel-off adhesive backing makes installation easy and low-cost
    • Requires 54 LUX (5-ft candles) of LED, fluorescent, metal halide or mercury vapor light to charge material for 60 minutes
    • Install indoors only
    • Long life expectancy
    • Non-toxic and non-radioactive
    • High tack backing sticks to rough surfaces
    • No future hazmat disposal needed


    Width 3"
    Height 3"
    Weight 2.00 lb


    The PANS3 Photoluminescent Arrow is designed with a flexible photoluminescent polyester film.


    The PANS3 Photoluminescent Arrow does not require any type of electrical components.


    Easy peel and stick application. The PANS3 Photoluminescent Arrow is designed for indoor safety applications such as safety signage in building, marine, rail, marine, and military applications. The arrows absorb ambient light and glows in the dark to clearly mark egress path in low light/low visibility environments.

    Mounting Configurations Explained